Sunrise from East—Shandong Ancient Rites and Music Culture Exhibition launched

From:Confucius MuseumAuthor: 2023-01-17 14:24

On January10th, an exhibition titled “Sunrise from East—Shandong Ancient Rites and Music Culture Exhibition”opened at the Confucius Museum, covering the Spring Festival and LanternFestival in the Year of the Rabbitto provide longer access forvisitors.

Featuring the brilliant culture and civilization history of Shandong, the exhibition presentsthe iconiccultural relics of jade, pottery and bronze in different periods, which are divided into three sections. It displaysthe remarkableintegration of diverse componentsof the Chinese civilization, and contributesto promotingcultural confidence and self-relianceand breaking new ground insocialist culture.

This exhibition represents a rare gathering of iconic cultural relics in Shandong Province in recent years, among which many exhibits are well-known at home and abroad. This is also the firsttime that Lu jadehas been displayed collectively since the excavation of the old city site of Lu more than 40 years ago.


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