China Confucius Foundation Holds the Ceremony of Offering “Fu” to the Public

From:Chinakongzi.orgAuthor: 2023-01-14 12:56

The ceremony of offering “Fu” to the public under the theme “Blessing China and Benefiting Households”was successfully hosted by the China Confucius Foundationin Jinan on the afternoon of January 9.

At the ceremony, Guo Chengyan, Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the Nishan World Center for Confucian Studies (Secretariat of the China Confucius Foundation) and Deputy Director and Secretary General of the China Confucius Foundation, declared the official launch of the event. Famous calligraphers such as Zhang Zhongting and Kong Weike wrote the Chinese character “Fu”with a painting brush and ink to send to the guests onsite as a gift. “Fu”has been a traditional cultural symbol of China symbolizing the Chinese people’s wish for good fortune for thousands of years.

The China Confucius Foundation printed 300,000 copies of the calligraphic works collected at the event to distribute to the public for free. It is a tangible action to promote culture in all households and benefit the public. All calligraphic works from the event will be used for the China Confucius Foundation’s public-benefit cultural causes and activities to advance the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture.


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