5th China Cursive Script Exhibition Opens

From:Whb.cnAuthor: 2023-01-14 13:32

The “5thChina Cursive Script Exhibition” opened at the China Art Museum on January 10. It was the first state-level exhibition on a single script following the 8thNational Congress of the China Calligraphers Association.

Since the solicitation of scripts, the exhibition had received broad attention from society. Calligraphers participated actively in the exhibition and submitted 11,020 pieces of work, making it the top of the recent three cursive script exhibitions. Created by up-and-coming young people and seniorsalike, the participating works featured a rich variety of cursive script styles. They reflected the overall quality of current cursive script creation in a comprehensive way.

A total of 244 pieces of work were selected for the exhibition after the strict review of the judging panel. These works featured diverse styles and attempted to inherit traditions while striving for innovation. They representedthe inheritance and innovation of cursive script art in the context of the new era over the past five years.

As some calligraphy enthusiasts were unable to visit the exhibition in person, a panoramic exhibition will be shown online to the audience on January 21, the Lunar New Year’s Eve. The audience can experience the exhibition through communication, learning, and research and choose from a diversity of audio-video modes.


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