Large-Scale Symphonic Suite Yuelu Academy Premieres in Changsha

From:Chinanews.comAuthor: 2023-01-14 13:43

The 2023 Changsha New Year Concert: Large-Scale Symphonic Suite Yuelu Academywas held in Changsha on the evening of January 10. Composed by Liao Yong, a musician from Hunan, the 60-minute symphonic suite reflectsthe realistic mentality and revolutionary history of the 1,000-year-old academy amid the melody.

The concert was conducted by the famous conductor Yu Long, jointly performed by the China Philharmonic Orchestra and the Changsha Symphony Orchestra, and sung by singers including Wang Chuanyue and Yao Hong, as well as the Tianlai Chorus from Hunan Normal University and the Opera Center Chorus from the Changsha Symphony Orchestra. In the Yuelu Academy’s landscape on the stage, the music and the video played on the screen coordinated with each other, while the strong symphony blended the longstanding culture of Hunan. It was a grand, yet subtle and vivid art feast for the audience.

After the premiere, YueluAcademy will be performed on a long-term basis as a preserved show by the Changsha Symphony Orchestra. It will also be performed on world tours as a representative Chinese cultural show by the China Philharmonic Orchestra.


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