High-quality Works Collected in Guangzhou to Display “China in Chinese New Year Paintings”

From:Chinanews.comAuthor: 2023-01-14 13:08

The “China in Chinese New Year Paintings” exhibition opened at the Guangdong Museum on January 10 and will end on March 29.

Some 300 excellent ChineseNew Year paintings and printed ChineseNew Year paintings from around China were selected for the exhibition and displayed together with the production techniques. Combining artifact collections and the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, the exhibition presented the paintings of gods, figures, scenery, and stories to showcase the impressive Chinese New Year painting art.

The Chinese New Year painting is a painting genre specific to China. The paintings are generally made bywoodblock printing or a combination of printing and drawing. They are typically pasted on festivals to create a lively and auspicious atmosphere and to represent the desire for happiness and health.Each cutting, carving, and stroke during the production of the paintings are a full manifestation of the primitive Chinese workers’ focus, dedication, refinement, and innovation as craftsmen.


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