7th Zoulu Cultural City Symposium held in Zoucheng City, hometown of Mencius

From:Mencius Research InstituteAuthor: 2023-01-17 14:20

On January 13th, the 7th Zoulu Cultural City Symposium was held in Zoucheng City, the hometown of Mencius, both online and in person.

With the theme of “The Dissemination and Modern Significance of Zoulu Culture”, the eventaims to strengthen cooperation with Zoulu culture cities, carry out dialogue and discussion, and explore and promote the cultural meaningand modern significance of Zouluculture. Representatives of Zouluculturecities, experts and scholars from Fujian, Hainan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Guizhou and other places examinedthe core value and contemporary relevanceof Zouluculture through online discussion.

Adiscussion on Zouluculture exchangewas held,whereexperts, scholars and cultural representatives elaborated on,from diverse dimensions, the inheritance and development of Zouluculture, Confucian cultureanddistinctive regional traditional culture. Theyreviewedthe dissemination of Zouluculture in modern times and itscontemporary value in the such areas as integration of culture and tourism, urban development, rural revitalization, and heritage preservation and promotion.

After more than two thousand years of inheritance and development, Zoulu culture has been embedded in the collective mind of the Chinese nation, and has become one of the unique cultural symbols of the Chinese nation. The symposiumwill foster higher-standardwin-win cooperation among Zoulucultural cities, through innovative models and in a wider range of fields.


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