Curtain falls on first Serbian “China Stage”

From:China NewsAuthor: 2023-01-17 13:42

The First Serbian “China Stage”came to a close on the evening of January 13th(Beijing Time) in the music of I Love You Chinaperformed by Chinese and Serbian musicians.

The young Chinese violinist Wang Shihan, who studies in Germany and came from Berlin, the young Chinese pianist Ma Ke, who studies in the UK and came from London, the Chinese soprano Zhang Wanzhe, who works in the US, and the Serbian pianist Deyan Sinadinovic performed a number of famous Chinese and foreign songs for the audience, and the beautiful tunes and elegant melodies won applause. This concert was the closing concert of the first Serbian “China Stage”, and was held with the common dedication of many Chinese musicians.

It is reported that the Shanghai International Culture Association and other institutions are stepping up their planning to hold more “China Stage”performances to deliver timeless friendship through classical Chinese and foreign music.


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