Exhibition of Children Pictures Books from China Held in Cambodia

From:Chinanews.comAuthor: 2021-12-10 18:11

Exhibition of Children Pictures Books from China was successfully held in Cambodia on December 3.

The event was sponsored by the Chinese-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education of China and the Royal Cambodian Academy of Sciences, and organized by the International Chinese Language Education and Teacher Education Institute of the Royal Cambodian Academy of Sciences. The Chinese picture book itinerant exhibition is aimed at providing opportunities for Chinese language learners, Chinese language lovers, teachers and students of elementary and middle schools, and the public in Cambodia to better understand contemporary Chinese picture book culture through various forms such as picture book exhibitions, picture book story performances, and painting competitions.

It is known that the Royal Cambodian Academy of Sciences has established a special working group to facilitate the exhibition tour. Through pre-selection, it will be held in 7 provinces and cities, including Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, where there is a good Chinese education foundation, and the demand for Chinese language and culture learning is strong. It covers 20 universities, middle schools and primary schools. Nearly 30,000 people have participated in the tour activities, receiving a positive response in local schools and communities.

During the exhibition, students not only read picture books, listened to the stories in the picture books, but also drew pictures themselves. The working group collected more than 2,000 works of students.


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