2021 Han Chinese Clothing Festival Kicks off in Guangzhou

From:Chinanews.comAuthor: 2021-11-25 10:06

The 2021 Han Chinese Clothing Festival · Guangzhou kicked off on November 21 at Haizhu Lake Wetland Park in Guangzhou. Han Chinese Clothing fans from all over the country gathered in Guangzhou to participate in this unique and interesting event.

On the day of the event, Han Chinese Clothing became the most eye-catching scenery in Guangzhou Haizhu Lake Wetland Park. Fans from all over the country toured the park in Han Chinese Clothing, which can be described as an "immersive" experience. At the same time, a number of programs were puton such as catwalks, songs, and musical instrument performances.

In addition, Han Chinese Clothing models and traditional-style singers wore gorgeous costumes, following the image of the most beautiful four ladies in ancient China, or dressed up like characters of stories in ancient times. Local citizens were presented with a fascinating show. 

In addition to performances, various cultural exhibitions were held on the same day, including the exhibition of treasures from the ancient Maritime Silk Road, and the Lingnan Music Culture Exhibition, allowing the audience to experience the Maritime Silk Road culture and Lingnan music culture. 


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