Confucianism in Ancient City, 31 Confucius Schools Established in Jiaozhou, Qingdao

From:chinakongziAuthor: 2021-07-16 10:39


On the afternoon of May 21st, Nishan Forum (public classes of Confucius School) and the Confucius Schools plaque ceremony in Jiaozhou was held in the Confucius Six Arts Cultural Garden in Shaohai, Jiaozhou and 31 institutions were awarded plaques for the establishment of Confucius Schools, giving fresh impetus to the development of local culture.

With a long history and rich cultural deposits, Jiaozhou boasts good genes for inheriting and spreading excellent Chinese traditional culture. In recent years, nearly 50 Confucius Schools have been set up. With rich contents and forms, Confucius Schools have combined Confucius culture and innovation featured by the local area. And Confucius Schools have made visible achievements by founding a platform for disseminating and advancing traditional culture characterized by Jiaozhou. This activity marks that Jiaozhou has taken a new and important step in inheriting and promoting its excellent traditional culture.

The symposium on the high-quality development of the Confucius School in Jiaozhou was held before the plaque ceremony. Leaders of nearly 50 Confucius Schools conducted in-depth discussions on the standardized management of Confucius Schools and cultivation of Confucius spirits.



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