Confucius Temple of Tokyo, Japan

From:Author: 2021-05-24 14:05

Located at 1-Chome, Bunkyoku, Tokyo, the Confucius Temple of Tokyo (also known as Yushima Seido) was founded in 1690 by Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, the fifth generation General of Tokugawa Shogunate. At that time, it was used as a place for teaching and spreading Confucianism represented by Confucius and expressing worship to Confucius. Shoheizaka College, the central school under the direct control of the Tokugawa Shogunate, was also established here in 1797 and had become a base for study and education in the Tokugawa era. In the early Meiji era, Japan’s Ministry of Education, National Museum, Tokyo Normal School (now University of Tsukuba) and Tokyo Women’s Normal School (now Ochanomizu University) were all established here. Therefore, it can be said to be the birthplace of modern Japanese education.


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