Profile of Confucius

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Confucius,named Kong Qiu,styled Kong Zhongni,a native of the state of Lu (in mordern Qufu,Shandong Province) in the late Spring and Autumn Period,was born in 551 B.C.and died in 479 B.C..

Confucius,founder of the Confucian school,was a great thinker,educator and statesman in his time,and above all,was highly skiIled in incorporating the contributions of previous scholars in the Chinese cultural tradition.

Confucius advocated the doctrine that “the benevolent person loves others”,emphasized the “ritual” system,and initiated “the Doctrine of the Mean”.He started private schools from his youth and practised the view of “instruction recognizing no castes” throughout his life.Having fostered 3,000 disciples and more than 70 persons of virtue among them,he established the high position of the Confucian teachings in the history of China.The Master himself lived in the Spring and Autumn Period of social and political instability consequent on the disintegration of the feudal type of society.For the purpose of realizing his ideal of unification and long-term stability,he travelled from state to state,trying to find a more congenial home for his teachings.Although he suffered repeated setbacks,he never gave in.Confucius “had an insatiable desire to learn” from his childhood and,as an result,was well-known for his knowledge.The Master “was never tired of teaching people”;“forgot all his anxieties in the enjoyment of music”;and “was not aware of being old”.In his later years,he collected and compiled The Book of Songs,The Book of History,The Book of Rites,The Book of Music,The Book of Changes,and The Book of Spring and Autumn.His efforts made possible the spread of the enlightening ancient Chinese culture.The Analects of Confucius covers most of his ideas and views which are the property of mankind.


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