A Kylin with an Auspicious Note

From:Author: 2021-05-26 09:49

This is a fantasy story for Confucius made up by later generations. It is said that, the evening before Confucius was born, a kylin came to the Kong Mansion and spat an auspicious note out of its mouth, which read: “Son of Water God is about to be born, and he will be a civilian king after the decline of the Zhou Dynasty. Zhengzai is a wise parent. “It was intended to tell people that Confucius is not a mortal. Although he is not a royal king, he has the virtue of a king and can be called a civilian king. Very surprised, Yan Zhengzai tied a colorful embroidered handkerchief to the kylin’s horn to express her gratitude. The kylin didn’t leave until dawn. Since then, “A Kylin with an Auspicious Note” has been widely spread as an auspicious omen for the family to have a baby.


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