“Amber and Art: A Moment Buried En Resin” opens at Guangdong Museum

From:China NewsAuthor: 2023-01-17 14:04

“Amber and Art: A Moment Buried En Resin”, a world amber art exhibition, opened at Guangdong Museum on January 14th. Featuringmore than 700 pieces of amber exhibits, the exhibition tells about the formation, distribution, classification, culture, art,and other related scientific and humanistic knowledge of amber.

The exhibition uses Chinese and foreign myths to introduce the theme,illustratesthe scientific causes and formation of amber, and showsamber of different origins, colors, sources,and inclusions.Through a large number of specimens, the biological and abiotic remains of ancient times in various forms are presented to the viewers. The interpretation of amber art by artists from different times and cultures is displayed as well.

In addition, the deep galleryrecreatesscenes of amber formation in ancient forests, highlighting amber in all its forms, from the Baltic to the Dominican Republic, from the sea to the mines. There arealso stunning interactive programsthat keep visitors fascinated byamberwhileenjoyingthefull sensory feast of ancient remains, natural science,and modern art.


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