Beijing Biennial 2022 to be Held

From:Beijing DailyAuthor: 2022-08-15 10:15

A press conference for the first Beijing Biennial 2022 was held at the National Base for International Cultural Trade on August 9th, announcing that the Biennial will be held in Beijing from Nov. 25, 2022 to Feb. 12, 2023. During the three months, the organizing committee of the Biennial, together with art institutions and major art schools in Beijing, will present more than 20 exhibitions and hold lectures, forums and other forms of public education activities.

With the theme of “Symbiosis”, the first Beijing Biennial 2022 aims to contemplate the future of mankind under the impact of the global pandemic. It also intends to discuss how we should build a community of shared future, how man and nature should coexist, and how digital technology and creative design should integrate. “Symbiosis” has two meanings in terms of space and time. One is spatial “symbiosis”, which shows the prosperity of the synchronic development of diverse art forms in Beijing. The other is the “symbiosis” of time, which explains the diachronic development and prospects of Beijing's arts from the past to the future.

It is said that the Beijing Biennial 2022 will display art works in diverse categories and forms including painting, sculpture, architecture, installation, design, performance and literature. It will bring together international and domestic art institutions, galleries and museums, etc., to create a top-level art event with international influence. 


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