“Land of Song Poetry”: China Ci Poetry Forum 2022 Held to Trace the Roots of Song Culture

From:China NewsAuthor: 2022-08-15 10:06

Land of Song Poetry: China Ci Poetry Forum 2022 was held on August 9th in Daixi Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The Huzhou Center of Chinese Ci Poetry Research Association was established, and Ci Poetry experts and scholars from over 20 universities including Peking University, Shanghai University and Zhejiang University engaged in academic discussions on Ci (a form of lyric poetry) poetry from the Song Dynasty.

Zhejiang Culture features Culture of the Song Dynasty (or Song Culture for short), for which Song Poetry is a core carrier. The Ci Poetry Forum, a journey to trace the roots of Song Culture, enables participants to explore and carry forward the cultural heritage of Song Poetry through reviewing the literature in Huzhou city over the millennia.

Steeped in Song Poetry, Wuxing District inherits the historical names derived from Song Poetry such as Xisaishan, Crystal Palace and Hall of Six Guests. Renowned poets including Li Qingzhao and Zhao Mengfu were all inspired by the district and wrote about it.

In the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China (around 1911), Zhu Zumou from Daixi Town collected the best works and compiled An Anthology of 300 Song Poems, creating a cultural treasure house to exhibit the beauty of Song Poetry.

Going forward, Wuxing District will continue to explore the cultural resources of Song Poetry, and leverage the cultural platforms such as the China Ci Poetry Forum, the Chinese Ci Academy, and the Song Poetry Culture and Art Festival to reinvigorate the cultural brand of Land of Song Poetry and help build Zhejiang into a leader in promoting the Song poetry cultural heritage.




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