“Reconstructing Elegance” Exhibition Kicks off in Beijing

From:The Beijing NewsAuthor: 2022-08-15 10:03

On August 10, “Reconstructing Elegance: Exhibition of National Museum’s Achievements in Cultural Relics Conservation”, hosted by the National Museum of China (NMC), opened at the museum. The exhibition details the efforts and achievements made by the NMC in protecting cultural relics over the past more than 100 years and showcases the evolution of conservation concepts and technologies.

Over the years, the NMC has restored or replicated a number of precious bronzes. In the last century, the NMC conservators started their work on Houmuwu Ding, completing a series of tasks including harmful rust removal, scientific examination, weight measurement, and replication. In terms of calligraphy and painting restoration, they have integrated traditional restoration techniques with modern scientific examination to make their work more science-based.

According to reports, since the building of a “Smart NMC” began, the museum has initiated the 3D digitization of cultural relics. Tapping into precision data acquisition equipment and accurate texture mapping algorithms, the museum has managed to store the 3D data of cultural relics in a comprehensive manner, providing solid support for the replication, digital protection, and utilization of cultural relics.

Since the founding of the PRC, and after more than 70 years of development, the NMC has kept stepping up investment in cultural relics conservation. While leveling up the standards of conservation, it places emphasis on the close combination of traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies. At present, the NMC Institute of Conservation has become a modern institution that integrates cultural relics examination, research, conservation, restoration and replication. 



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