“100 Classics” Exhibition Opens in Tianjin

From:People’s Daily OnlineAuthor: 2022-08-15 10:02

On August 10th, “Drawing on Ancient WisdomCreative, Promotional Exhibition of Chinese Traditional Culture 100 Classics”, hosted by National Library of China, was held at Guotujinwan Cultural and Creative Center in Tianjin.

According to reports, “Chinese Traditional Culture 100 Classics”, whose compilation committee is headed by Yuan Xingpei, president of China Central Institute for Culture and History, is a collection of the top 100 iconic books in traditional Chinese culture. As of June 2022, 60 of these classics have been compiled and published, while the others are still being compiled and will be made available to readers in due course.

The exhibition, featuring amusing, novel design and diverse forms of interactive activities, presents the progress made in compiling the “100 Classics”, and raises awareness of the traditional culture involved in the sixty classics” that have already been published. The exhibition is set to be open until early October. During this period, a series of culture-related salons and interactive activities will be planned and staged based on the exhibits displayed.

The exhibition is held at Guotujinwan Cultural and Creative Center. This marks the first time for the “100 Classics” to be displayed in a commercial real estate and public cultural center. It is hoped that, with such a cross-sector integration, new ways of reading will be explored, allure of traditional culture will be felt and words in ancient books will be brought back to life.


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