Gallery: Railway Guerrilla Kindles “Red Memories” in Summer

From:chinakongzi.orgAuthor:张晓芮 2022-07-29 10:09

  Gunfire and cannons, vehicle stunts, tactical climbing......In Xiucheng, Tai’an, Railway Guerrilla, a large-scale immersive live performance with train special effects reproduced the red legend of railway guerrilla war with a shocking visual impact and ignited the red memory for the audience present. Patriotism was boiling in everyone’s blood.

  Railway Guerrilla is set during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression when the Japanese troops invaded East China and Tai’an was occupied in 1938. This work tells the story of young soldiers in Tai’an including Dalong and Shitou, under the leadership of the CPC, engaged in guerrilla battles along the Tianjin-Pukou Railway against Japanese invaders. In order to expand the armed forces behind enemy lines, they raided trains and seized supplies; as civilians, they sacrificed themselves for the country and forged a united front with military forces; They fought fearlessly to crash into the enemy supply trains, explode railway bridges and destroy train stations. These efforts eventually cut off Japanese troops’ transportation arteries and disrupted their weapon and ammunition transportation, rendering staunch support for Chinese’s front line troops.



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