Gallery: “Cloisonné” Adds Color to Mahogany Sculpture

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  “The peach in Feicheng is comparable to the Saturn peach in heaven”. Honored as “the hometown of Buddha peaches”, Feicheng of Tai’an has been integrating the peach culture with tourism and explored a distinctive path of cultural and tourism development. In recent years, the city has been expanding the mahogany sculpture industry through the innovation of craftsmanship and created “cloisonné” mahogany craft, which has won the favor of consumers.

  Feicheng City now has more than 160 mahogany tourist commodity enterprises, with more than 40,000 employees. Expanding to more than 4,000 varieties in 30 categories, mahogany tourist commodities register an annual sales revenue of over 2 billion yuan, accounting for more than 80% of the national market. The products enjoy great popularity in such countries and regions as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Feicheng has become a “national R&D, production, sales and distribution center for mahogany tourist commodities”.

Shandong time-honored “Taishantaomuwang (Taishan Mahogany King)” brand handicraft “cloisonné” mahogany Ruyi

  Wang Laixin, representative inheritor of mahogany carving (intangible cultural heritage project in Shandong), was interviewed by reporters to introduce the brand of “Taishan Mahogany King”

Mahogany handicraft brought to life with cloisonné

Cloisonné Ruyi comb gift box is very popular

Lifelike cloisonné decoration piece

Giant person-height mahogany Ruyi infused with traditional Chinese cultural aesthetics

Cheng Yingui, founder of “Cheng Carpenter” mahogany brand, received the honors of “Star of Qilu Culture”, “Chief Technician of Shandong Province”, “Craft Master of Shandong Province” and “Taishan Leading Talents”.

Cheng Yingui is introducing the mahogany “lotus pod” production process

“Cheng Carpenter” brand workers are making a mahogany sword

Senior craftsman is carving a giant mahogany Ruyi

A craftsman is making mahogany Ruyi


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