Gallery: Mount Tai Printing Museum Restores Classics of Movable Type Printing

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  Located in the Digital Printing Industry Park of Mount Tai Press and Publishing Town, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Tai’an City, Mount Tai Printing Museum specializes in the inheritance and promotion of the printing culture of the Chinese nation. The museum reproduces the ingenuity of ancient Chinese paper-making and printing technologies through interactive experience. Soon after its completion, it has become a new honey spot for young students’ study tours.

  The exhibition halls of Mount Tai Printing Museum cover an area of 1,400 square meters. The museum houses more than 300 sets of distinctive and significant collections such as printing equipment, books and documents in the field of printing and publishing at home and abroad. From the origin of ancient printing to the development of modern printing industry, the museum fully displays the trajectory of the printing business in China.

  During the Qingli period (1041-1048) of the Song Dynasty, Bi Sheng invented clay type plates, which made it easier to print books. Later, books were printed on movable type plates made of wood, tin, copper, and lead.

  In the era of movable type printing, character casters poured hot liquid lead into copper molds and operating machines and tools to cast neat types. Character pickers selected the required type from the vast type shelf in a skillful manner, and the typesetting craftsman laid out the characters in a lead frame, which would be printed out with ink by another specialized craftsman.

Exhibition of early printing equipment

Heidelberg Windmill Printing Press “Little Monster”, Germany, 1853

Exhibition of antique typewriters

Gutenberg hand crank printing press, 1900


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