Laba Porridge in Confucius’ Hometown Carries forward Thousands of Years History 2022-01-17 08:51

  The eighth day of the 12th month of a year in Chinese lunar calendar is Laba Festival. To carry forward the thousands of years of tradition, an event was held in Qufu, a city with rich cultural heritage, on January 10th to hand out porridge to visitors. 

  On the day of the event, the courtyard of the Kong Family Mansion was marked by laughter of visitors and sweetness of porridge. Staff in traditional Chinese costume took porridge from the dining car with festive decorations and gave it to visitors, regarded as an act of warmth and care in the cold winter day. 

  It is recorded that to have porridge on Laba Festival can be dated back to thousands of years ago. Back in the pre-Qin period, the Chinese people had the custom of offering sacrifices to ancestors on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month to pray for a good harvest. The Kong Family Mansion has carried forward the large-scale ceremonies to welcome the Spring Festival and also honors the tradition of offering sacrifices to ancestors and having Laba porridge on the Laba Festival.

  This event is an important part of local activities to welcome the New Year held in the Kong Family Mansion. It provides more opportunities for more people to experience traditional Chinese festivals, learn more about traditional ceremonies in the hometown of Confucius to welcome the New Year and have a better understanding of the profound traditional Chinese culture.


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