2021 Training Session for Heads of Confucius Schools Opens in Jinan

From:chinakongziAuthor: 2021-11-25 10:15

2021 Training Session for Heads of Confucius Schools opened in Jinan on November 16th. The training session lasted for 4 days. There were more than 60 representatives from the lecturer group of Nishan World Center for Confucian Studies, cultural ambassadors of Confucius Institutes, and representatives of Confucius Institutes in various regions participating both online and on site. 16 thematic lectures, academic exchanges activities, rites and music appreciation activities, and in-depth exchange of experience in school management were held to offer high-quality advice and suggestions for the standardized operation of Confucius Schools and promote the fine traditional Chinese culture. 

In 2021, the Confucius School enters a fast lane in standardized operation. The country's first provincial-level Confucius School for the Aged opened in Shandong University for the Aged, and the country's first county-level Confucius School opened in Pingdu. Confucius Schools have been built in 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, covering all fields such as villages, communities, government agencies, schools, enterprises, and social organizations. As of the end of October, 126 Confucius Schools have been approved this year, which is 1.5 times the total number of last year. The total number has exceeded 2,200, covering more than 20 Chinese and overseas Chinese communities in 15 countries at home and abroad, becoming a hot land in the promotion of fine traditional Chinese culture. The inaugural ceremony of the Lecturer Group of Nishan World Center for Confucian Studies and the 2021 Training Session on Standardized Operation of Confucius Schools were successfully held, making up for the shortcomings of Confucius Schools in lacking teachers, and creating favorable conditions for Confucius Schools everywhere to hire experts and scholars to spread fine traditional culture at the community level. The Chinakongzi.org registers more than 60 million visits per year. The Nishan Grand Forum Summer Open Class has attracted wider and wider attention and 8 large-scale classes provided broad opportunities for experiencing traditional culture. More than 5 million people became followers of the program, becoming a popular way to learn about traditional Chinese culture. 

Confucius Schools are prioritizing the promotion of traditional Chinese culture and making new contributions to the building of a cultural powerhouse and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.  


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