Publication of Dunhuang Calendar 2022 Shows the Beauty of Dunhuang Art

From:chinakongziAuthor: 2021-11-11 14:09

A few days ago, CITIC Press Group launched the Dunhuang Calendar 2022. Through Dunhuang murals, painted sculpture copies and restoration works, the beauty of Dunhuang art is presented from multiple perspectives. Full of both traditional and modern elements, it helps to discover the aesthetic taste that has been inherited for thousands of years.

It is understood that the paintings selected in the book cover story paintings, portrait paintings, Buddhist scriptures paintings, landscape paintings, and decorative pattern paintings, under such topics as folklore, landscape, flying Apsaras, and clothing. After long-term thinking, 365 photos were selected, with explanatory notes from the perspectives of historical background, content, artistic characteristics, and appreciation methods.

Dunhuang Calendar 2022 contains classic and important works and images in Dunhuang art. For example, on the first page of January 1 is "Nine-Colored Deer in Dunhuang" which derives from Story of Deer King in Cave 257 of Mogao Grottoes. The story was once made into a cartoon Nine-Colored Deer by Shanghai Animation Film Studio in 1981, which became an unforgettable childhood memory for many people. The painting of Governor's Wife Pay Respects to Buddha reflects the demeanor of the nobles in the Tang Dynasty through the graceful temperament and gorgeous dress of ancient noble women. 

In addition to classic paintings such as Play the Pipa behind the Back and Flying Apsaras, the book also includes works that rarely appear in public. For solar terms or festivals such as Rain Water, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Spring Festival, there are special designs symbolizing best wishes, linking ancient treasures with modern life.


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